Bianca is at the forefront to support and inspire you.

– Master Mingtong Gu of The Chi Center, discussing resources available for recovery from Parkinson’s Disease.

With intelligence, humor and compassion, Bianca Mollé provides an unwavering level of support for those who are seriously working on recovery from Parkinson’s Disease. Her positive and insightful perspective combined with her personal experience of the conditions of Parkinson’s help to make her an ideal personal coach for the Parkinson’s journey. Not only does she act as cheerleader, she also is a superb motivator. She has been able to reach through my brain fog, to address my resistance and to call me into a deeper commitment to my healing experience. I am so grateful for Bianca’s presence as I navigate my path to recovery.

– Judith Kahealani Lynne

I am so happy and thankful you put me on the “straight and narrow”. I needed structure and encouragement, and you have provided it. THANK YOU BIANCA!
I definitely would like to continue with your Coaching. It has been an even bigger help than I expected.

– Cheryl K.

Thanks for such supportive feedback. What a wise “cheerleader” you are. I know you didn’t really train in psychology, but all your years of experience both with your son and with your students plus your intelligence (mind and heart) have produced an astute presence. I wasn’t really sure how long we would work together after I was able to set up some kind of program for myself with your help. As our relationship grows, however, I can see how your continued support will be helpful.

– Amy M.

I was inspired and elevated with hope when I heard Bianca’s story
of recovery from Parkinson’s Disease. I was drawn to her dedication and tenacity at
following the practice of qigong which led her on a journey of healing.
My own journey began when I contacted Bianca and asked for her
guidance on this path. Immediately she understood my situation, how
I was experiencing the symptoms of PD and the effects of taking the
medication Sinemet. This was very reassuring and I knew that the
journey had begun and that I wasn’t alone.

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– Carmel Moffat, London

Bianca’s story of recovery from Parkinson’s was an incredible inspiration to me.
She led me to Wisdom Healing Qigong and it has become the core of my healing strategy
and, literally, changed my life.

I was also able to contact Bianca via phone and then to meet her in person.
She is a warm, generous, loving spirit who has given me very helpful advice,
on an ongoing basis, about Qigong and dealing with PD. Bless her!

– Bill Bulick, Oregon

Bianca offers a great testimonial of the power to heal yourself through alternative methods. Her story gives us all hope that recovery is possible. I am grateful for the guidance she has given me as it has been extremely helpful in developing my own path to recovery.

– RW, Denver, CO