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Reboot & Rejoice: How I Healed from Parkinson’s Disease Using the Body/Mind Practice of Qigong: Regimen, Background, and Personal Reflections

My book, Reboot and Rejoice, is an account of my healing from PD, with qigong healing regimen, personal background and post-recovery insights and suggestions. Suitable for anyone dealing with a chronic health condition. Available in paperback or ebook form.
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One Stop Shopping for Healing (approx. 90 min.) is a video presentation of the workshop given at the February 2013 Parkinson’s Recovery Summit in Santa Fe. This is the perfect companion to both Bianca’s book and the recommended Chi Center DVD Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down used by Bianca to recover from PD. Here she demonstrates the main energy points used in the practice, explains a bit about the energy theory behind the practice, and shows how to modify movements when there is physical challenge as well as fatigue. A user-friendly demonstration of wall squats is given as well. The simply beautiful and beautifully simple practice of Lachi/fachi is briefly demonstrated, and suggestions for incorporating qigong in everyday life are shared.

Such an inspiring, clear, honest and powerful sharing. One of those books that you just want to keep reading and reading, enjoying each word and absorbing the strength, wisdom and joy of the author.
It’s a precious guide on qigong and healing. Wonderful work!!!!!!

– Daniella Carraro, Qigong Healer

…The book arrived yesterday (so fast) and I read all of it today in one go. Thank you so much for sharing your recovery journey “with us out there.” I have found in it a lot of inspiration and am very grateful for I know it will help me get there…

– Margriet de Jong

I highly recommend this inspiring book to anyone interested in taking charge of their own health. It is a real gem! The author describes, in detail, her amazing recovery from Parkinson’s Disease using the energy-based practice of qigong. I do NOT have Parkinson’s, but I do have a laundry list of many serious, chronic health conditions for which standard medical treatment offers only temporary symptomatic relief and does very little to prevent further deterioration. Thus, my interest in exploring alternative healing methods, such as qigong.
Reboot and Rejoice is like having a personal “healing coach” at your side to educate, encourage, hold your hand, and inspire you to get started NOW with a serious, disciplined practice…and then she proceeds to give us a very clear, easy-to-follow roadmap of how to structure such a dedicated practice.
Bianca Molle has an undeniable passion for the subject of self-healing. She walks her talk and generously shares her ever-growing experiences, knowledge and insights with her readers. Reboot and Rejoice is definitely a “must have” for anyone interested in self-healing with qigong. Thank you, Bianca, for writing such a practical and empowering book!

– Cheryl Josepher Kozak, Feldenkrais Practitioner®

Dear Bianca,
Your perfect little book hit the right note for me, at the perfect time. So many “aha’s” I can’t begin to tell you. I just can’t thank you enough for sharing your story which resonates in so many ways with me.
I have always been interested in energy and qigong for years, but only after reading your book as a PWP do I finally begin to understand on a deeper level, how healing happens. I really only now am beginning to understand the critical elements of qigong, as you describe it, the intention of the practise, enjoying the practise, relaxing and just doing it and be happy and grateful to be able to do it. I knew this, but until now when it seems my life depends on it, do I really get it! The simple shift of a mind set is profound.
Thanks for the mention of The Chi Center – I signed up for Saturdays course. Thanks for mention of Janice Walton-Hadlock as I begin to read her research and see relevance in her connecting past trauma with onset of PD.
I have hope that with all these insights, NOT provided by western medicine, that recovery is possible. Just in the few days of feeling “HOPE” I feel much better.
Haola and blessings to you!

– Sandy Vallone