Consulting and Coaching Services


As your wellness coach, I will walk beside you and support you each step of the way along your healing adventure. Having traveled the path before, and now gaining additional insight as I reflect back upon my healing process, I can help you navigate the way ahead.

A coaching package includes weekly phone/Skype sessions (more when necessary or appropriate) plus unlimited emails. A written summary of each consultation and coaching session is provided as additional support. You will also receive helpful information regarding healing, qigong, mindfulness, gratitude, nutrition, etc. I suggest my clients keep an email file: It can become a personal healing manual.

Healing is more than a physical process. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each organ is attributed three sounds: physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual. As we do holistic work on ourselves there can be reactions on the three levels. As healing begins, sometimes old wounds resurface. Although I am not a medical professional or therapist, besides accomplishing my own healing from PD, I spent part of my teaching career in Special Ed, which requires patience, determination, humor, task analysis, and creativity. All these qualities are utilized as I work with you on designing your own individual program, which will closely mirror my own, plus the additional insights that come from reflection on the process.

Prior to starting, I send a request for some lifestyle information: diet, exercise, supplements, medications, and some reflective questions. I also ask you to keep a “recovery journal”- Dr. Robert Rodgers offers one on his website or you can simply make your own.

Worldwide service provided via Skype, internet, and phone consultation and coaching

Initial consultation fee is $125.00. Should you decide you’d like coaching after that (within a month of the initial consultation) the original $125.00 consultation fee will be rolled over and applied to the monthly coaching fee, and you will receive three more weekly sessions for $400.00.

If you would like to purchase initial coaching or phone consults, please fill out the contact form on the “Contact Us” page, which will immediately alert me of your interest and enable me to reach you via your preferred method.


Appointments arranged at your convenience


Initial phone/Skype consultations are $125.00/hr

Coaching packages:

Daylong Workshops:

Large and small group in-person presentations are available and tailored to specific needs and requests. These generally include sharing my story and demonstrating certain qigong practices, as well as question/answer sessions and time for group practice. I always keep in mind the dopamine/pleasure principle when designing a presentation. The goal is to have participants walk away with both an inner and outer smile.

Many thanks and Haola!