About Us

Mettamorphix is a labor of the heart that grew from my own complete recovery from Parkinson’s Disease.  My free-moving body has been medication-free for several years now. (I had been on Requip XL and Sinemet, the dopamine drug, three times a day until the summer of 2009). Healing was accomplished thorough a dedicated daily practice of qigong, the ancient Chinese body/mind discipline.

As my story spread, people began contacting me, seeking information and assistance for the challenges faced with Parkinson’s Disease. In a very short time I found my identity had changed from a patient with PD to an active, healthy person with a gift to offer those seeking alternatives to the Western medical model for working with Parkinson’s Disease.

In June of 2008, I had retired from a long and cherished teaching career due to the pain and fatigue of Parkinson’s Disease. My life was shrinking, contracting along with my body.

Then a beautiful metamorphosis occurred via Zhineng Qigong. I am pleased to share my journey with those who care to follow along, and can currently report clients who are seeing improvements in their health and vitality.

A word about medication: Yes, I successfully freed myself from Sinemet and Requip XL, but encourage anyone currently on meds to realize that this must be a slow and gradual process. It is most strongly recommended that you both find a compounding pharmacist and check in with a medical professional, which I am not, before attempting this. As one improves via the practice, less medication can be gradually required.  It is important to not go “cold turkey.” It is equally important not to be overmedicated. Some professionals who do not understand/believe in this type of healing can misinterpret the signs of overmedication as undermedication. There have been some cases documented where people who required less medicine were prescribed more instead. The results were harmful. So, in a nutshell:

If you are on meds:

  • DO NOT go “cold turkey”
  • Pay attention to your symptoms and how they may change as you practice
  • Have a medical professional and compounding pharmacist in place for when you are ready to look at reducing meds